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Obique Children's Wooden Toy Clothes Rack Beech Wood with Wooden Clothes Pegs

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This listing is for one Obique Children's Wooden Toy Clothes Rack Beech Wood.


Wooden toys have been around for millennia, and the benefits of wooden toys are far greater than the plastic equivalent.

Wooden Toys involve your child. By this we mean your child must interact with the toy, there is no button to press. Your child must manually push, pull, turn, or connect parts of the wooden toy. This leads to a more active mind.

Wooden toys are less toxic. Wooden toys do not contain plastic or other toxins usually found in toys. They are made of natural materials and when painted or varnished, then only with water based child safe paints and varnish, hence are safer for your child.

Wooden toys have texture. Your child will be able to explore the various bumps and grains of wooden toys. They will be sanded down and some may even be slightly painted, but the texture is still different than a completely smooth piece of plastic.

Wooden toys impact less on the environment. Wooden toys require wood, possibly glue or screws and occasionally some water based paint or varnish. They therefore have far less impact on the environment than plastics and batteries containing chemicals.

Wood is less dangerous. Swallowing a battery can be harmful or fatal. Swallowing small pieces of plastic is also a health hazard from the chemical leakage while it is in your child's body. Wooden toys do not have anything this harsh on or in them.

Wooden toys can be used for generations. Wooden toys tend to last generations, where as plastic toys, even with the long lifespan of plastic, tend to get broken and thrown in the bin. Some wooden toys have lasted for decades. They bring children the same joy today as they did 50 years ago.

This sturdy Obique Children's Wooden Toy Clothes Rack Beech Wood is ideal to hang dolls' clothing. The item is part of the Obique range of children's role play toys and complements the Obique set of children's toy kitchen units. This beautifully made sturdy solid wood children's toy was designed to survive rough handling by smaller children and will last for decades.

All Obique branded and manufactured wooden toys are manufactured in the EU, are designed to be used in commercial nurseries, play schools and kindergartens. They are hardwearing and sturdy and will therefore outlast any cheap imported plastic or wooden toy.

Made in the EU to the highest quality standards from natural wood, and where appropriate varnished or painted with child-safe, water-based varnish or paint. This product is entirely child safe in regard to the materials and design of the product. Suitable for children 36 months and older.

Additional Information

Short Description This listing is for one Obique Children's Wooden Toy Clothes Rack Beech Wood.
SKU OB_ADD_H_80039
GTIN 5060380459220
Length (cm) 47
Width (cm) 35
Height (cm) 68
Weight (kg) 0.9500
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