3 in 1 Tables & Chairs

Ideal for both children and adults. While children can use this set as an activity table or play table, the adults can use it as a nice nest of coffee tables when the children are finished playing. Due to the fact that the items can stack nicely one under the other, this set is ideal for space saving. These items are part of our Multifunctional Children's Furniture System and unique Multifunctional Adult Coffee Tables that includes Multifunctional Tables, Chairs and Benches designed to our specifications that enables multiple uses of the same items as described below simply by turning the furniture item through 90 degrees. These products are light weight and sturdy to allow the furniture to be easily and safely handled by children, and have no sharp edges or pinch points that could harm a small child's fingers. These items are suitable for children aged 18 months to 7 years and are ideal for families with children and also for grandparents who have occasional visits from grandchildren. These items can be combined with our other multifunctional Children's Chairs, Tables and Benches and Adult Coffee Tables to provide over 40 different combinations of Multifunctional Nests of Coffee Table Sets for Adults and Multifunctional Table, Chair and Bench Sets for Children.

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