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About Obique Ltd.

Obique Contract Design & Manufacturing Services

Obique Contract Furniture Design & Manufacturing Services.

If you are a furniture wholesaler or retailer and are looking for a contract furniture manufacturer then speak to Obique.

Set yourself apart from other wholesalers and or retailers by developing your own furniture retail brand.

We are able to produce any type of wooden furniture from any type of wood in our European factory.

We also manufacture exclusive furniture designs for Hotel Chains, Retail Store Chains and Commercial Kindergartens and Schools.

Whether low or high volume production volumes, we have the ability and capacity to manufacture your products in our modern European factory. Contact Obique to discuss your needs.


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Obique Children's Furniture is Designed from the Outset for Use by Children.

Simply scaling adult size furniture to a size suitable for use by children is fraught with danger for children.

When we at Obique design children's furniture we take more than the size of the furniture into consideration. Critical factors that could harm children are considered from the outset.

Apart from the elimination of ALL chemicals in our manufacturing processes by using untreated timber, we only use VOC free child safe adhesives, paints, stains and varnishes in the production of Obique branded furniture for children.

Of further importance is the avoidance of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and other chemicals by not using particle board in the production of Obique children's furniture.

All Obique Branded Furniture is Sold Exclusively Through Obique Online Stores.

Obique only sells its own brand Obique products to consumers, kindergartens, child day care centers, commercial nurseries and primary schools through it's online stores in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and North America. You can also purchase Obique products from us through AmazonOnbuy andHouzz.

You can also purchase Obique branded furniture from our own online stores below by selecting the respective country in the drop down links:

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