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All too often cheap children’s furniture is available from suppliers in online market places, that has not been properly designed for children. Manufacturing children’s wooden furniture is not just about scaling adult furniture to the size required for children.

Obique’s best practice approach to manufacturing children’s furniture starts with a design phase, that eliminates the dangers inherent in adult furniture, that could injure your children.

Our furniture is made in the EU to the highest quality standards from solid pine or solid beech wood, varnished with hard wearing high gloss, child safe water based varnish, to enable easy cleaning.





Children’s wooden toys

At Obique we believe in creating the highest possible quality of children’s toys from the best materials available on the market. We take great pride in our handmade wooden toys and create solid wood furniture, painted with child safe varnishes for your children’s well-being.

Nowadays, when it comes to toys, the market is over saturated with plastic products for children. This material became very cheap, making it more affordable for parents to buy toys made out of plastic. As far as we know, plastic is a synthetic material created through a chemical process in order to give it structure, texture and colour. And as chemicals are involved, how safe can our children be? Health is one of the reasons why we should reconsider getting wooden toys for our kids. Let’s see others.

Wooden Toys involve your child.By this we mean your child must physically interact with the toy, there is no button to press, then your child sits back and watches it do it’s thing. Your child must manually push, pull, turn, or connect parts of the wooden toy. This leads to a more active mind.

Wooden toys are less toxic. Wooden toys do not contain plastics or other toxins usually found in toys. They are made of natural materials and when painted or varnished, then only with water based child safe paints and varnish, hence are safer for your child.

Wooden toys have texture. Your child will be able to explore the various bumps and grains of wooden toys. They will be sanded down and some may even be slightly painted, but the texture is still different than a completely smooth piece of plastic.



Make it feel like home

Hang your fondest memories on every wall, bring you rooms to life. Whatever decoration you choose, let your personality lead the way. Because that’s how the place you live in becomes the place you call home.


Wall Clocks


Wall Signs





Clocks do more than just keep you on time, they bring order and style being a perfect addition for you home. If you are looking for a decorative element that has both function and elegance our clocks will provide you both while accenting your existing decor.


Add a touch of love and charm to your home decor with one of our gorgeous signs. They will blend with any style of interior design. Makes a great decor item for your home, as well as a wonderful gift for friends and family!


Just hank it up in style, hooks and hangers are the quickest and simplest ways to keep your things organized and easy to find.


Brighten up your home with our decorations, there are plenty to choose from.







Utensils, serving plates, chopping boards…


Handmade wooden sets



Peel them, mash them, press them, grate them … and that’s just potatoes. With all the things you do with food, having the right kitchen utensils for the different jobs makes life a lot easier. Especially when good quality wooden products come at a good price.



We have it all,  fire place resin decorations, Christmas themed oven gloves, tea towels, themed mugs, ceramic desert plates with cake slicer, from our collection, and pick from decorations and lights to create your own seasonal masterpiece