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Obique Frequently Asked Questions

What is the finish used for the products? Is it child-safe?

All our furniture products are varnished with hard wearing child safe water-based varnish, to ensure that all Obique children’s furniture is  totally safe for children.

How can I take care of my furniture?

As all our children’s furniture items are varnished with water-based varnish you need to bear in mind that the finishes are a little more sensitive than normal furniture for adults, which is normally finished using strong chemical varnish to give it durability.

We therefore recommend that the Obique children’s furniture is gently wiped with a dump cloth when needed. If something was spilled on the furniture’s surface and you have to clean it, just use some diluted liquid dish washer and gently wash the affected area. For sanitisation simply wipe the surfaces in question gently with antibacterial wipes.

Where is the Obique Furniture produced?

The Obique furniture products are all produced in the EU (Western Europe) from sustainable forestry resources.

Is the furniture supplied already assembled or does it need self-assembly?

All the furniture products it the multifunctional range of products are supplied already assembled.

All the furniture products in the pine or beech ranges are supplied flat pack, but they come with easy step by step assembly instructions and assembling the furniture only takes a few minutes.

Can I place an order from outside the UK?

Yes, we offer worldwide delivery – the delivery cost will be shown in the cart, before the check out, after you have provided the delivery address.

Can a product be personalised?

Yes, we can personalise any product, just keep in mind that the delivery time for this will be longer. Please use our Contact Us form to inform us about your personalisation needs. We will provide you with an estimate for cost and delivery time.

Can I return an order if I change my mind?

Yes, you can return any order within 14 days after you received the order. Please see more about the returns under our Return Policy

Do you offer a discount for large orders?

If you are buying furniture for a commercial day care center, kindergarten or school etc. and you need to order a large quantity please contact us so we can provide you with a delivery time (based on the stock availability at our UK warehouse) and offer you an additional  discount.