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Obique wooden toys are entirely child safe. Nowadays, when it comes to toys, the market is over saturated with plastic products for children. This material became very cheap, making it more affordable for parents to buy toys made out of plastic. As far as we know, plastic is a synthetic material created through a chemical process in order to give it structure, texture and colour. And as chemicals are involved, how safe can our children be? Health is one of the reasons why we should reconsider getting wooden toys for our kids. Let’s see others.Obique Children's Wooden ToysWhy choose wooden toys?
Wooden toys have been around for ages and passed the test of time because they are simple yet versatile. Plain activities such as making cookies at their own toy kitchen, or riding a wooden horse make a child engage more with the object and sparks creativity. How many stories have been created around your wooden horse when you were little? Even if the price is a bit on the expensive side comparing to their plastic counterparts, wooden toys are durable, reusable and nontoxic, being suitable even for toddlers. So that your children can share the same toys and create lasting memories together.

At Obique we believe in creating the highest possible quality of children’s toys from the best materials available on the market. We take great pride in our handmade Obique wooden toys and create solid wood furniture, painted with child safe varnishes for your children’s well-being.

Obique Children's Wooden Toys

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