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Obique Multifunctional children’s furniture,  designed for both adults and kids

Nowadays, with the dominant contemporary fast paced lifestyle that is overwhelmed with activity, it is more desirable to live in a smaller house or apartment, than a vast one. Why? Because this reduces the problem of cleaning and managing space, leaving more personal time to the extremely busy individual. This is part of the benefits of Obique multifunctional children’s furniture

Novelty multifunctional furniture is designed to help people better manage interior spaces. The increasing emphasis on a modest design for a house is ascribed to several factors, such as limited land, financial limitation and practicality in housing plan.

Multifunctional furniture enriches efficient use of space, while reducing the cost of furnishing a house. This kind of furniture is generally lightweight and smaller. An example of such furniture is a nest of coffee tables for adults that are easy to convert to a children’s chair, table or a bench, commonly stated to as 3 in 1 furniture.

The Nest of Large Coffee Tables is usually preferred by families with children and also by grandparents who have occasional visits from their grandchildren. Primarily, it is a lot easier to move such furniture to different locations of the house than the classic furniture we are all used to.

Furniture for children should be designed to grow with the child. Tables or chairs should be versatile, elaborate and designed according to the needs of a growing child. A versatile unit radically reduces the cost of having to purchase a separate piece for every functional need of a growing child. For children, designing separate places for sitting, playing or eating certainly obliges a larger room, or better still, more custom-made multipurpose furnishing.

Below you can see the unique designs of Obique Multifunctional Sets for Children’s & Adult’s version with 3 colour choices:

The white stained Obique multifunctional children’s tables & chairs or nests of coffee tables.

Obique Multifunctional Children's Furniture White

The white stained multifunctionals are extremely versatile as they can be placed in modern but also more classical homes where they can blend in perfectly.

The natural stained Obique multifunctional children’s tables & chairs or nests of coffee tables:

Obique multifunctional children's furniture natural

The natural multifunctionals are a great addition to any home thanks to their fresh appeal that is perfect for any room in the house.

The dark stained Obique multifunctional children’s tables & chairs or nests of coffee tables:

Obique multifunctional children's furniture dark

3 in 1 Children’s Multifunctional Furniture Set of 2, One Small Chair or Table and One Large Chair or Table Beech Wood, Dark Finish.

The dark varnished multifunctionals give an elegant yet simple touch to your home with their deep and soothing color.

The possibility to have furniture that can be transformed for other purposes provides the certainty that you will want to use it for a longer time. Like that, when you invest in a multifunctional item, you get your full money’s worth.

3 in 1 Children's Multifunctional Furniture Set of 2

Obique Set of 2, One Small Children's Chair or Table and One Large Children's Chair or Table Beech Wood

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